Mainly involves public infrastructure and environmental protection facility projects including road, bridge, municipal sewage and solid waste treatment on the basis of PPP, BOT, BT, TOT and TBT modes.

Sewage treatment and reclaiming project in Hulun Buir (BOT)

sewage treatment capacity: 40,000t/d

reclaimed water: 32,000t/d

30km new sewage pipelines and 17km new reclaimed water pipelines were built. Reclaimed water after treatment are used as industrial and irrigation water by the enterprises of development zone.

High-tech Zone Road Construction and Land Consolidation Project in Hunan (PPP)

Based on PPP project mode, the project was led by Sinosteel MECC and constructed by Changsha Guanqiao Construction & Development Co., Ltd., the JV company partly shared by Sinosteel MECC and Ningxiang High-tech Zone government, including financing, approval, feasibility study, geological survey, engineering, construction and operation.

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