Sinosteel Tiancheng is a key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Program. Focusing in energy saving and environmental protection, it mainly specializes in the technology research, engineering, consulting, equipment manufacturing, project contracting, investment, third party operation and inspection in terms of air and water pollution control, soil pollution remedy, organic waste disposal, industrial ash residue recycle. Sinosteel Tiancheng provides overall solutions including planning, low emission technology and product, harmless recycle and resource recycle for the industries of metallurgy, power, oil and petroleum, municipal, coal, chemical, building material, non-ferrous, agriculture, etc.

l   Technology Innovation – National 863 High Technology

w   Technology and engineering application of flue gas particle efficient control for large coal fired power plant boiler

w   Technology and engineering application of ultra low emission of steel kiln flue gas particles

l   Atmospheric environment improvement integral solution

w   Innovative patent technology for multi-pollutant co-control of oil catalytic cracking flue gas

w   Intelligent multi-pollutant co-control solution

w   Pollutant control solution for particular value limit of emission

w   Dust source control solution

l   Soil remediation technology

l   Organic waste sanitary treatment and resource utilization

l   Solar film greenhouse

l   Metallurgical ash recycling

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