Signed contracts of Baowu Ma Steel 4mtpa traveling grate pellet plant and ArcelorMittal 5mtpa traveling grate pellet plant, making Sinosteel MECC one of the first grade pelletizing technology provider in the world;

Signed contract of 1800mm HRC project for TOSYALI in Turkey, a break through of China's large scale hot strip rolling technology in terms of export to overseas countries 


Rank in ENR’s Top 250 International Contractors List hit a new record;

China's first traveling grate pellet plant, whose technology was independently developed by Sinosteel MECC,  started production


Acquired Sinosteel Wuhan Safety & Environmental Protection Research Co., Ltd.;

Signed contract of MMK 2.5mtpa coking project, the largest coke oven project overseas contracted by a Chinese company;

The Tosyali 2.3mtpa steel complex project in Algeria, a model of technology integration of  multinational corporations, was successfully put into production.


2.3mtpa ladle furnace of Tosyali in Algeria, one of the largest ladle furnaces in the world, was successfully put into production.


Signed contracts of Tosyali 4mtpa pelletizing project in Algeria, the largest travelling grate pelletizing plant overseas contracted by a Chinese company

Signed contracts of two of the world's largest DRI projects

Signed contract of Mutun steel complex project in Bolivia, the first integrated steel plant in Bolivia and also company’s first concessional loans


Initiated the founding of Tianyu Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as the largest shareholder, expanding into hi-tech field.


Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange as Sinosteel Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000928) 

Annual revenue reached RMB 10 billion for the first time


Became controlling shareholder of Sinosteel Tiancheng Environmental Protection & Technology Co., Ltd. and acquired 100% stakes of Sinosteel Brazil.


Closed acquisition of Sinosteel Engineering & Design Institute Co., Ltd., and obtained grade A qualification for engineering and consulting in metallurgy/construction/telecommunications, TV & Broadcasting.


Cotnracted the 2x600MW power plant project of ICDAS in Turkey, speeding up business diversification.


Chosen by CuDeco for its Rocklands 3mtpa Copper Beneficiation Plant, the first non-ferrous mining project contracted by a Chinese company in Australia. 


Listed in ENR’s Top 225 International Contractors.


Achieved business expansion from single project to integrated steel complex contracting.


Ranked Top 10 on the list of Chinese 100 EPC Contractors by Turnover with outstanding references and kept in the front rank in the metallurgical sub-list for years in a row.


Contracted a group of large-scale projects with world class influence, including the largest blast furnace (3050m3), coke oven (6m, 2x65 chamber) and sinter (300㎡) project in Turkey.


Incorporated with Sinosteel Group Corporation Limited;

Started international project contracting by exporting 750,000tpa bar mill to Turkey.


Participated in the construction of Baosteel and received the National Award for Major Technical Equipment, Ministry award for Progress in Science and Technology.


Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded.

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