BACK Sinosteel signed 700 million USD coking contract with Russian MMK

On December 20th, Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the amount up to 700 million USD with Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works of Russia (AKA. MMK) for the supply of a new 2.5mtpa coke oven & by-product project, whose implementation will have positive influence on business development and performance increase of Sinosteel.

The project is to supply a 2.5mtpa top-charging coke oven, together with coal preparation, CDQ, CDQ waste heat power generation, original by-product recovery workshop transformation and original coke oven sewage treatment biochemical device transformation. Construction is estimated to last 50 months.

MMK is already a very familiar international partner to Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd, and have awarded several projects in the past 3 years, including sintering and desulfurization. MMK was founded in 1929 and is now one of the largest integrated steel producers in Russia. Its production chain is complete from mining to metal processing. 

In recent years, Sinosteel has actively implemented the "Belt and Road Initiative", and become an influential engineering company and competitive Chinese enterprise in international metallurgical engineering field. In the future, the business share of overseas markets will be continuously increased, in particular in Russia, South Asia, and the Middle East, India, Turkey, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and so on.

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