BACK The first "potassium salt extraction from sinter machine head dust" of Sinosteel Tiancheng was put into production

Recently, the utilization of sinter machine head precipitating dust project contracted by Sinosteel Tiancheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, has been put into production smoothly, which is also its first production line of potassium chloride extracted from sinter dust. 

The patented technology developed by Sinosteel Tiancheng independently realized full cycle of the production process flow without solid, liquid and gaseous waste, and completely achieved zero discharge and no pollution of the sinter dust harmless treatment. The electrostatic precipitaing dust of 5 sinter machine of Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manafacturing and Material Co., Ltd. were supplied as raw material of the project. After official operation, 16000 tons of sinter dust will be treated annually to produce 11000 tons iron-rich powder and 5800 tons potassium chloride. Tested by the National Chemical Fertilizer Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the grade of potassium chloride reached the standard of agricultural superior products. 

Beijing ICP No.11020457 Technical support : zc-yd