BACK A Letter to Partners

February 28, 2020

Dear Valued Partners,

As you may know that we have experienced a grave situation caused by the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread across China and even over some countries around the world since the beginning of 2020. Chinese government has put unprecedented containment efforts in combating the epidemic. Our company has also taken action in handling the challenge.

The safety of our employees is our top priority. First and most importantly, we have implemented all necessary precautions and preventive measures to provide our employees a safe and healthy working environment by closely following regulations and guidelines from the government. Measures include supplying protective masks, working from home, allowing only a limited number of critical staff in offices and project locations to prevent from infection. At this stage, there has been not a single confirmed case of infection within our company.

As a state owned company, it is our responsibility to support the country in difficulty and help people in need. We have donated over RMB 3 million to Wuhan, the epicenter of COVID-19 and our international subsidiaries have been sourcing medical supplies from around the world to help frontline healthcare professionals battling against the epidemic.

In the meantime, as always, we attach the most importance to the cooperation with our partners. We are sorry that we may not be able to provide on-site service now due to precautions taken by some countries and flights suspension. In order to minimize the impact on our business and avoid any damages to our partners, we resumed operation at the earliest time under the pre-condition that both our employees and partners are safe and healthy.

We would like to share the followings with you:

1.  Project engineering is in full operation, to be well prepared for the restart of project construction.

2.  We continue to prioritize timely, quality and consistent communications with suppliers and partners to make sure those who have resumed operation to accelerate equipment manufacturing.

3.  Construction of some projects is resumed with the approval of local governments.

4.  Project technical management team provides remote site-guidance based on available drawings.

5.  We have been in close contacts with overseas partners and their governments, border controls and Chinese embassies and consulates, following their instructions on scheduling business travels abroad or visits to China.

6.  All our staff are on standby and open to any questions and issues, and will assist our partners via video conference, emails and phone call when needed

In time of difficulty, many partners stand by us and offer great help. We really appreciate it. We are now relieved to let you know that China has achieved a milestone progress in controlling COVID-19 with a steady decline in new cases and increased recovery rates since February. We are not fighting alone. With the support from home and abroad, especially with your understanding, we are confident that the virus will be contained finally and determined for victory on the horizon. 

We, unceasingly, remain committed to providing excellence in both business and service.

Thank you for your faith, understanding and continued support.

Beijing ICP No.11020457 Technical support : zc-yd