BACK Xinyu Iron & Steel Group and Sinosteel extend business relations

Recently, Lu Pengcheng, Vice President of Sinosteel Group Corporation Ltd. and Chairman of Sinosteel Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (Sinosteel E&T), visited Xinyu Iron & Steel Group Ltd. (Xinsteel) and met with its Chairman, Xia Wenyong, and General Manager, Guan Caitang.

Lu Pengcheng (on the right) visited the plant accompanied by Guan Caitang (on the left)

Guan Caitang firstly showed Lu Pengcheng and its delegation to the material yard intelligent and environmental renovation project, iron making plant No.1 and steel making plant No.2.

At the meeting, Lu Pengcheng briefly introduced Sinosteel Group and Sinosteel E&T. He underlined that Sinosteel is pleased to establish good cooperation with Xinsteel, and expressed a strong willingness to engage in strategic coopration and participate in the equipment and technology renovation projects.

Sinosteel Tiancheng Environmental Protection & Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinosteel E&T, has a cooperation history of more than 20 years with Xinsteel in the field of fuel gas ultra-low emission, desulfurization and experimental research for material yard, sinter plant, coking plant, iron making and steel making.  

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