BACK Sinosteel Tiancheng Receives 2 Prizes of State Scientific and Technological Award 2020

The State Council announced its annual awards to scientists and organizations that have made great contributions to science and technology progress, economic and social development and national defense modernization on November 3 in Beijing

The achievements of  "Technology and Applicationn of Industrial Flue Gas Multi-pollutant Control" and "Technology and Application of Ultra-low Control on Multi-process Multi-pollutant of Iron & Steel Industry" co-completed by Sinosteel Tiancheng Environmental Protection & Technology Co., Ltd. (Sinosteel Tiancheng) were awarded respectively the first and second prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award. 

The "Technology and Applicationn of Industrial Flue Gas Multi-pollutant Control" project focused on multi-pollutant reduction in sectors of iron & steel and construction material, etc,. The researchers have invented key materials including dual-function catalyst, carbon-based multi-functional material and gradient membrane filter material. Desulfurization and dedusting equipment as well as low-temperature multi-pollutant absorption and recycling equipment are developed in line with the process, which are proven to meet the world's most rigorous ultra-low emission requirement in industrialized application.   

The achievement has promoted in iron ore sintering, cement and glass sectors across 32 provinces in China and 23 foreign countries for broad use.

As one of the participants, Sinosteel Tiancheng has developed the technology and equipment for PM2.5 ultra-low emission of industrial furnace flue gas, which have been used in more than 10 ultra-low emission renovation projects for Ansteel and Liuzhou Steel. 

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