BACK Sinosteel to supply new high speed bar mill and upgrade twin high-speed bar mill for Jianbang Group

On October 27, 2020, Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. (Sinosteel MECC) and Shanxi Jianbang Group Co., Ltd. (Jianbang Group) signed contract for the supply of new high speed bar mill and upgrading of twin high-speed bar mill.

The contract comprises of supplying a 1mtpa single high speed bar mill to roll products in the range from 12mm to 25mm diameter and upgrading a 1mtpa ordinary bar mill to a twin 1.8mtpa high speed bar mill.

Multiple self-developed long product rolling technologies and equipments of Sinosteel MECC will be equipped. Controlled rolling and cooling technology and 330mm modular mill will provide flexible controlled cooling and large size low temperature rolling. High speed delivery to cooling bed ensures the maximum rolling speed of 45 mps. The engineering of complete project allows low production cost of 500MPa rebar. No addition of vanadium and niobium for product lower than 28mm diameter, and smallest content of manganese.

high speed flying shear, reducing mill and water cooling equipment

Prior to this contract, Sinosteel MECC and Jianbang Group have realized several successful cooperations since the first application of Sinosteel MECC’s self-developed 105 mps single transmission reducing mill.

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