BACK 1MTPA Thin Slab Casting and Rolling Contract Awarded to Sinosteel MECC from Shanxi Hongda

On August 16, Sinosteel MECC signed the contract of 1mtpa thin slab casting and rolling (TSCR) project with Shanxi Hongda Iron & Steel Group. The two companies will team up to develop China’s first TSCR production line of independent intellectual property rights.

The energy consumption is only 1/5 and the emission of CO2 is only 1/4 of conventional hot continuous rolling process. Under the background of carbon neutrality, the steel industry encounters tremendous pressure for low carbon emissions. As one of the representative near-net-shape steel manufacturing technologies, TSCR technology has attracted extensive attention. 

With the improvement of the continuity of TSCR technology, the production line is greatly shortened, especially the third-generation technology, the endless strip production line. Meanwhile, the increase in continuity substantially increases productivity, production yield, and energy efficiency.

Beijing ICP No.11020457 Technical support : zc-yd