BACK Sinosteel MECC Wins National Quality Engineering Award, Delivering High-Quality Projects with Independent Technology

On December 12, 2023, the Tosyali Algeria 4 million tons Travelling Grate Pellet Project, contracted by Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. (Sinosteel MECC), was awarded the National Quality Engineering Award. Established in 1981 and confirmed by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, this award is a national-level quality award that spans industries and professions in the field of engineering construction. The scope of this honor includes industries such as construction, railways, highways, chemicals, metallurgy, and power. The National Quality Engineering Award recognizes and commends projects with outstanding design, precise quality, excellent management, good efficiency, advanced technology, and energy-saving and environmental features.

Leading Indigenous Technology and Equipment
Creating Significant Economic Benefits

The Tosyali Algeria 4 million tons/year Travelling Grate Pellet Project, undertaken by Sinosteel MECC, is located in the Bativa Industrial Zone of Oran Province, Algeria. As a vital component of a 2.3 million tons short-process integrated steel plant, this Pellet Project is not only the first modern pellet production line in Africa but also the largest-scale pellet project completed and put into operation by a Chinese company overseas.

The project adopts Sinosteel MECC's independently developed travelling grate pellet technology and core equipment, which possess complete independent intellectual property rights and international advanced features. The construction covers the entire production line, from the reception of iron ore concentrate raw materials at the raw material yard to the output of finished pellet ore storage. The project was commissioned in 2018 and has maintained stable operation since then.

During the design phase, the project constructed a comprehensive BIM model, forming a parameter-driven model that increased design efficiency by more than 30%. Additionally, 4D simulation was implemented throughout the construction process, providing visual guidance for construction planning, preparation, and on-site activities. The project uses a 4-meter-wide belt conveyor, producing pellets with a total iron (TFe) grade of no less than 67%, FeO < 1.0%, particle size of 6-18mm, and compressive strength ≥ 2800N/pellet. The high-quality pellets produced by the project are used in DRI production, surpassing imported pellet ore in physical and metallurgical performance, bringing significant economic benefits to the owner:
1 - Using independently developed material and energy flow calculation models, combined with numerical simulation and simulation technology, to optimize the design of the thermal system and wind system process.
2 - Designing a flexible transmission with adjustable output torque for the sintering machine through means such as numerical simulation and calculation, effectively shortening the transmission path and increasing transmission efficiency from less than 70% to over 94%.
3 - The sealing of the side section of the sintering machine's blowing section is done in a double-bar form, effectively isolating the leakage of heat and dust, with advantages such as stable sealing effect and high reliability, resulting in a machine air leakage rate of less than 15%.
4 - Adopting advanced low-nitrogen burners, coupled with an automatic control system, increasing gas efficiency from 80% to over 92%, reducing process energy consumption, and nitrogen oxide emissions.

The Project Leader of Tosyali Algeria's Direct Reduction and Pellet Project also sent a thank-you letter:

Dear Sinosteel MECC Team,
Thank you for your close collaboration with the Tosyali Algeria team, which enabled the smooth completion of the EPC contract for the 4 million tons/year Travelling Grate Pellet Project. Here, we express our sincere gratitude to your company for your hard work.
We would like to extend special thanks to the project manager and team members for their professionalism and cooperative spirit throughout the project implementation process. Their consistent professionalism has been crucial to the successful completion of the project. The project was completed in November 2018 and has been operating steadily ever since. The project's excellent performance and stable production demonstrate outstanding design and construction, meeting the initial design requirements.
We hope that the success of this project will lay a solid foundation for our future collaboration.

Continuous Technological Upgrades

Customer Initiates Further Cooperation

With the successful commissioning of the Tosyali Algeria 4 million tons/year Travelling Grate Pellet Project, Sinosteel MECC's independent technology has shone in the field of pellet projects both domestically and internationally. Driven by innovation, Sinosteel MECC continues to invest in research and development, advancing the iteration and upgrade of travelling grate pelletizing technology. It has developed into the only enterprise in China with independent technology and equipment for travelling grate pelletizing, possessing the capacity to provide customers with a full chain solution of stable, efficient, green, low-carbon, and digitally intelligent systems: covering engineering design, core equipment design and manufacturing, process packages, post-commissioning operation services, process guidance, and spare parts supply.

The success of the Tosyali Algeria 4 million tons/year Travelling Grate Pellet Project prompted the Tosyali Group to initiate an exclusive bidding invitation for a second Travelling Grate Pellet Project of equal scale. In October 2022, Sinosteel MECCV signed the EPC contract for the second project, and on April 25, 2023, the project officially commenced. Building on the success of the first 4 million tons/year pellet project, the Sinosteel MECC project team will optimize the process flow, use various raw material pre-blending methods, quantitatively add additives, and better adapt to different raw materials, ultimately producing high-quality pellet ore for customers with superior product positioning, quality, and profitability. As of now, the project has completed most of the piling and civil construction work and has entered the comprehensive steel structure installation stage, laying a solid foundation for production.

In January 2023, Sinosteel MECC was awarded the National Quality Engineering Award Gold Award for the EPC general contracting of the HBIS Industrial 2×48 million tons Travelling Grate Pellet Project.

In December 2023, MCC Equipment was once again awarded the National Quality Engineering Award Gold Award for the EPC general contracting of the Tosyali Algeria 4 million tons Travelling Grate Pellet Project.

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