BACK Sinosteel MECC signed high speed bar and wier rod rolling contract

Recently, Sinosteel Equpment & Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Sinosteel MECC") has once again partnered with Shanxi Hongda Iron and Steel Group (referred to as "Hongda Group") to sign an EPC contract for the upgrade and transformation of an 800,000 tons/year high-speed bar mill and a 700,000 tons/year high-speed wire rod mill. The two production lines aim to transform into special steel production lines through renovation, enriching the customer's existing product structure. This marks another collaboration between the two parties following the signing of a 1 million tons/year green thin strip continuous casting and rolling project last year.

Sinosteel MECC will apply its independently patented long product rolling technology and 5M low-carbon TMCP to achieve goals such as increasing production, reducing costs, expanding product variety, and improving dimensional accuracy. The objective is to create a first-class production line with high quality and low cost, generating greater value for the customer.

"2+4" Process Arrangement x 330 Modular Rolling Mill

The upgraded high speed bar production line will mainly produce Φ12.0mm - Φ32.0mm threaded steel and will have the capability to produce Φ20.0mm - Φ60.0mm round steel in the future:

  • Adopts a "2+4" process arrangement to effectively control grain growth, improve strip strength, and reduce alloy additives.
  • Utilizes controlled rolling, controlled cooling, and TMCP rolling technology to significantly reduce alloy additives, saving resources and reducing carbon emissions. Manganese (Mn) content is reduced to below 1.05%, eliminating the need for vanadium (V), niobium (Nb), titanium (Ti) additives.
  • Features a super-heavy 330mm modular rolling mill, successfully applied for the first time in high speed bar, dual high speed  bar, and bar-wire composite projects, solving traditional issues such as easy breakage of finished mill rolls, low rolling speed, and restricted product specification range.
  • Maximum negative deviation is 5.5%, with a high yield rate of up to 98.2%.

115m/s Rolling Speed for Ultimate Efficiency

The upgraded high speed wire production line will mainly produce Φ5.5mm - Φ20.0mm round steel, including carbon structural steel, welding steel, cold heading steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, etc.:

  • Adopts controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology, modular and intelligent centralized control system, and gapless rolling, using mature and reliable technologies and equipment with independent intellectual property rights from Sinosteel MECC.
  • The entire line consists of 5 rolling mill units with a total of 30 rolling mills. Pre-precision rolling to finishing rolling uses Sinosteel MECC's independently developed RVM265 and RVM230 series modular rolling mills and standalone drive reducing mills, comprehensively improving the core equipment level of the production line, effectively increasing the rolling mill's utilization rate, reducing power consumption and roller wear.
  • The maximum rolling speed can reach 115m/s.
  • For HRB400E, the manganese (Mn) content of Φ8mm and Φ12mm is reduced to below 1%, without the need for additives such as vanadium (V), niobium (Nb), titanium (Ti).
  • Features fine grain size, good metallographic structure, excellent product performance indicators, a noticeable yield plateau in the tensile curve, and stable product performance.

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